Westmorland-Albert New Brunswick

Westmorland-Albert, New Brunswick, Canada

About My City: Westmorland-Albert

The regions of Westmorland and Albert is a lively mix of languages and cultures. We have strong French, English, and now growing immigrant population, living together in a mix of urban and rural settings. The best overview of the area can be found https://www.nbhc.ca/community-profiles#.WR7_wPQrLrc.

About My Organization:

WA Action works in partnership with communities to develop, oversee, coordinate and implement strategic initiatives and plans to reduce poverty and assist New Brunswickers to become more self-sufficient. Our vision Empowered community groups achieving their dreams and uncovering their community’s potential.

My Collaborative: Westmorland Albert Community Inclusion Network (WACIN) Co-operative

The mission of the Westmorland Albert Community Inclusion Network (WACIN) Co-operative is to assist businesses, not-for profits, governments and individuals to work collaboratively to address the realities of poverty and ensure that people in our region do not have to struggle to meet their basic needs. To achieve this we bring together stakeholders from all levels of the community to identify community assets and resources and build the capacity of local organizations. The WACIN helps harness the creativity of the community in addressing systemic poverty.