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Toronto Ontario

City of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About My City: Toronto

Toronto has a population of approximately 2,615,000 (2011). While Toronto is a vibrant and prosperous city, a growing number of its residents are living in poverty. The incidence of low-income in Toronto (19%) is significantly greater than in Canada (14.9%), Ontario (13.9%), and the rest of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (11.5%). Toronto also has the highest rate of child poverty (25%) among Canada’s 20 largest cities.

About My Organization: City of Toronto

A municipally led initiative by the city of Toronto, and member of VC since 2014.

My Collaborative: TO Prosperity

On November 4, 2015, Toronto City Council unanimously approved TO Prosperity: Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy, a 20-year plan to advance equity, opportunity, and prosperity for all Toronto residents. TO Prosperity is rooted in a broad and inclusive community engagement process and thorough research. It contains 17 recommendations and 71 actions focused on three overarching objectives – address immediate needs, create pathways to prosperity, and drive systematic change - and five issue areas: i) housing stability, ii) service access, iii) transit equity, iv) food access, and v) quality jobs.