Surrey British Columbia

Vibrant Surrey

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

About Me:

Since 2002, community leaders across Canada have been building momentum to bring together those who are committed to innovative local action on poverty issues. In Surrey, this led us to become a member of Vibrant Communities, a national initiative to learn more about how to reduce poverty in our own communities. Vibrant Surrey now has members from every sector of the community including business, city, provincial and federal governments, social service sector, academia, and private citizens. Vibrant Surrey is made up of leaders from every sector of the community who are committed to improving the economic situation for those living in poverty. Working collaboratively and using practical applications learned from national partners, Vibrant Surrey supports local poverty reduction efforts and complements those with economic development projects that make a real difference in people's lives.

About My City: Surrey

Surrey has a population of 468,000 and has been a member of Vibrant Communities since 2012

About My Organization: Vibrant Surrey

With the dissolution of long-time Vibrant Communities Canada member, Vibrant Surrey, the broader Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition emerged in 2012 from the board of directors, community forums and research. In 2010 a Coordinator had been hired to create Vibrant Surrey’s 3 year strategic plan, which included compiling research on poverty in Surrey. The community was brought together to review the facts and create an action plan, which became the Surrey Poverty Reduction Plan. The Plan, titled THIS is how we end poverty in Surrey, was adopted by City of Surrey Council in July 2012.

My Collaborative: Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition

We help grow local poverty reduction efforts by building networks and increasing opportunities for collaboration. Every sector of the community including business; city, provincial and federal governments; social service sector; labour and private citizens have joined Vibrant Surrey. We incubate community economic development projects that make a real difference in people's lives. We listen to and learn from all voices in our community.