Spruce Grove Alberta

Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

My Collaborative:

Poverty reduction has been identified in the social sustainability plan as one of the common themes within the key areas for action: Develop a program of support for the homeless population in Spruce Grove,reduce the levels of domestic violence, increase social wellness through appropriate and affordable public transportation, develop a continuum of housing, increase access to social wellness programs, services and supports, create sustainability through community engagement, create and sustain Spruce Grove as an inclusive City, modify City governance and administrative practices to ensure that the Social sustainability Plan is incorporated into ongoing business practices and procedures The Social sustainability plan vision states: “Spruce Grove is a safe, inclusive and engaged community that is aware of its social issues and opportunities and that proactively invests in ensuring the basic needs of residents are met” An Indigenous Engagement Improvement Strategy along with a Coordinated Community Response to Homelessness have been identified as priorities. Breaking down barriers and building bridges with our Indigenous residents and neighbours is a first step in becoming an inclusive community. A growing homeless population has resulted in steps to develop a more effected response and to become proactive instead of reactive. We are in the infant stages in responding to poverty reduction and our hope is to learn, become more engaged and become a leader in response to the growing needs.