Manager Social Policy and Planning

Simcoe County Ontario

Manager Social Policy and Planning,  County of Simcoe

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

About My City: Barrie

Simcoe County has a population of 447,8302. There is a pressing need to address the issue of poverty with more than 47% of households in the County spending 30% or more of their income on rent1. According statistics for the County, 11.9% of adults, 16.6% of children, and 33.5% of lone-parent families in the County are living in poverty2

My Collaborative:

The collaborative is a community led initiative, supported by the municipality. There is no core funding, as the County offers a Social and Community Investment Fund, which is available to community agencies engaging in poverty reduction services. 20 years or more poverty reduction work has gone on in the County through collaboration from strong community partners. Bridges out of Poverty framework started in 2010. A comprehensive Poverty Reduction Strategy is being developed through community engagement and priority setting which began with a Community Engagement Event in October of 2015.