Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

About Me:

The focus of the Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership (SPRP) for 2011-2012 was strategic: building relationships with key partners, engaging partners and the community in prioritizing areas for action, and continuing to communicate the value of this collaborative work to partners and the community. The SPRP Leadership Group has prioritized 3 areas for action in 2012: 1. Ending Homelessness and initiating Housing First 2. Engaging business, faith and volunteer communities 3. Coordinating Aboriginal support services. The strategies employed to act on these priority areas include: raising awareness, catalyzing and coordinating, and monitoring and evaluating.

About My Organization: Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership

The Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership (SPRP) formed in 2010 to address poverty in Saskatoon using a collaborative approach. The partnership has evolved from a long history of community collaboration and a clear commitment to a multisectoral and sustainable efforts to reduce poverty in Saskatoon that is focused on a common vision. The partnership includes a comprehensive mix of sectors and interest groups including: Community service agencies, Aboriginal, Health, Provincial government, City/Municipal government, School divisions, Business and labour, Faith, Poverty advocacy groups, First Voice, University and Funding bodies.

My Collaborative:

The vision of the SPRP is to have sustained individual and community wellbeing for the people of Saskatoon. The immediate objective is to develop, implement and evaluate a Saskatoon Action Plan to Reduce Poverty that: - demonstrates a shared understanding of poverty in Saskatoon - articulates shared leadership across sectors - integrates the history of poverty reduction work in Saskatoon - outlines broad goals with multi-year commitment by community partners - outlines key activities, targets and measures - updated on an ongoing basis - reflects broad input and commitment from community stakeholders