Region of Waterloo Ontario

Region of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

About My City: Waterloo

The Region of Waterloo's Comprehensive Approach to Poverty Reduction was developed to enhance its corporate-wide impact by addressing the issue comprehensively across department and program areas to find sensible, innovative and lasting solutions.

About My Organization: Region of Waterloo

In an extensive consultation process for the 2010-2016 Region of Waterloo Strategic Plan, citizens identified poverty reduction as an important priority for Regional government to address. The Comprehensive Approach was developed to address the significant role the Region plays in poverty reduction. While the Region is only one of many players – including all orders of government, citizens, community groups, businesses, funders, to name a few – the Region plays a significant role in poverty reduction. In fact, the Region delivers over 50 programs and services that impact people living with low income.

My Collaborative: Region of Waterloo

The Comprehensive Approach to Poverty Reduction (CAPR) has been developed to maximize the Region's collective impact on poverty reduction. The CAPR: starts "at home" by identifying actions the Corporation can undertake to effect change or make improvements within existing programs in our direct control/sphere of influence; maximizes our corporate-wide impact on poverty by enabling all departments to provide a coordinated response to poverty; provides opportunities to avoid duplication and identify efficiencies to maximize the Region's impact on poverty; and lays the foundation for innovation to create the necessary conditions to maximize the Region's impact on poverty. Priority areas include: increasing the voices of the low-income sector, social policy change, systems change, shifting attitudes, affordable housing and homelessness, transportation, and income security.