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Moncton New Brunswick

Community Development Officer for Social Inclusion,  City of Moncton

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

About My City: Moncton

In spite of its recent economic prosperity, the City of Moncton is host to many individuals and families who face serious and regular challenges related to poverty. One of every five Monctonians lives below the poverty level. Emergency homeless shelters serve over 900 clients a year in Moncton, and many of these clients use the shelters frequently. Approximately 1,000 Monctonians use soup kitchens and food banks on a regular basis. There is a shortage of affordable housing in Moncton. Hundreds of children need school breakfast and lunch programs every day to ensure they learn effectively during the school day so they can achieve their full potential in the future. Despite commendable efforts by many groups to alleviate poverty in Moncton, poverty has increased at the same pace as our economic prosperity. The City of Moncton has recognized these challenges and will take a leadership role in the intervention of these barriers our citizens face.

About My Organization: City of Moncton

The City of Moncton has contributed to the fight against poverty and exclusion for years. Nevertheless, Council believes that more can be done and that the City should lead the community’s efforts. As a leader, it will add value to what is already being done by numerous individuals and organisations and, whenever required, facilitate and implement additional actions in the city and the region, in order to reduce poverty and increase inclusion. The end goal is to provide a quality of life for all Monctonians. The belief is that improving the quality of life for marginalized and excluded citizens, improves the quality of life for all.

My Collaborative: The City of Moncton Social Inclusion and Poverty Committee

The City of Moncton Social Inclusion and Poverty Committee is responsible for the implementation of the Social Inclusion Plan. The Moncton Social Inclusion and Poverty Committee, will help guide the implementation of the plan, ensure reporting to Moncton City Council twice yearly, and conduct an annual review of the strategy to ensure it meets the evolving needs of the community and outcomes identified in the plan. Five priority areas have been identified as being important to further Moncton’s Social Inclusion development. These priority areas form the framework for the actions contained in this strategy: housing choice and affordability, urban agriculture and food security, mental health, education and training, and inclusion and diversity.