London Ontario

City of London: Child and Youth Network

London, Ontario, Canada

About My City: London

London Ontario has a population of 506,000

About My Organization: City of London: Child and Youth Network

London, Ontario's Child and Youth Network (CYN) is comprised of more than 150 local agencies and individuals dedicated to doing what is best for children, youth and families.

My Collaborative: Child and Youth Network Ending Poverty Implementation Team

The Child and Youth Network (CYN) began in 2007, with about 50 members. In 2008, the community identified four priorities to collaborate and work collectively on - Ending Poverty is one of those priorities for London’s children, youth, and families. The CYN is now composed of over 170 agencies and individuals that span the education, health, recreation and social services sectors. The vision of the CYN is “Happy, healthy children and youth today; caring, creative, responsible adults tomorrow”. The Ending Poverty Priority is working to end poverty in London through a 4 part strategy:, reducing the impact of poverty, breaking the cycle of poverty, changing mindsets and system change.” Ending Poverty priority partners are actively implementing strategies to meet basic needs in London neighbourhoods through initiatives such as Food Families and Harvest Bucks. Together with Literacy priority partners, Ending Poverty partners are implementing several co-created, youth-led, community-wide initiatives to support at risk young people, school aged newcomers and others to successfully graduate from secondary school. Recently, a large-scale, community-wide education campaign (Poverty Over – London) was implemented to promote awareness and educate Londoners about poverty in our city. Significant to the campaign was the drive to action, where Londoners were provided with opportunities to end poverty through their own efforts and actions. With community partners, they developed London’s Food Charter, they created policy papers that advocate for systems-level change to achieve income security, and created a successful small loans and business development training program for London entrepreneurs who cannot access traditional forms of credit.