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Leeds & Grenville Ontario

Leeds Grenville The Poverty Reduction Alliance
Leeds & Grenville, Ontario, Canada

About My City: Leeds & Grenville

The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville 99,306 (2011 Census) is comprised of 13 municipalities and located in south-eastern Ontario, Canada, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. Leeds Grenville is situated within an hour's drive from both Kingston and Ottawa. It is a beautiful area with an abundance of water, green space and historical cities and towns. Like many more rural communities it also faces challenges including low population growth, an aging population, low birth rates, low in-migration, out migration of youth and low distribution of workers in key income earning ages of 35-49. There is a significant number of the working age population without a high school diploma (19.6% in Leeds & Grenville).

About My Organization: Leeds Grenville The Poverty Reduction Alliance

The Leeds Grenville Poverty Reduction Alliance was form in 2013 following a Bridges out of Poverty workshop in our region. Over 340 people were trained and over 80 participants indicated wanting to stay involved in the conversation about poverty. The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Health Unit and the United Way came together after this event to debrief and to plan next steps. Additional key partners were recruited to the table. Since that time the Alliance has:Developed and accepted a Terms of Reference, Developed and accepted a Framework, Become a member of Vibrant Communities Canada, Participated in facilitated sessions to develop a Theory of Change, Accepted a definition of Poverty to guide our future work, Identified four (4) key areas of focus and broad based strategies, Attended the National Poverty Reduction Summit in Ottawa, Signed a partnership with Smart Saver to promote the Canada Learning Bond, Participated in the deep dive data project with the Province of Ontario - Poverty Reduction Office. The Organizing Committee continues to meet regularly to review the tasks, make connections in the community, and establish the regular agendas for the Alliance.

My Collaborative: Leeds & Grenville Poverty Reduction Alliance

The Leeds Grenville Poverty Alliance is a collaborative of organizations and individual working today to reduce poverty in our communities. The Poverty Reduction Coordinating Group is using the following definition of poverty to focus and guide the work of the Leeds and Grenville Poverty Reduction Alliance: “Poverty is the condition of human beings who lack resources, means, choices and power necessary to acquire and maintain economic self-sufficiency and meaningful participation in society.”