Edmonton Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

About My City: Edmonton

The city of Edmonton has experienced population and employment growth significantly above the national average almost continuously since the arrival of the new millennium. Today, Edmonton is the youngest major city in Canada with an increasingly diverse population of around 1.3 million. Yet many Edmontonians have not shared in this prosperity. The most recent data from 2012 finds that one in eight Edmontonians experience poverty as a daily reality. The younger you are, the more likely you are to live in poverty. Just under one in five Edmonton children under 18 years of age live in a poor family. Just over one in three children living in a lone-parent family lives in poverty. The provincial and regional economy is producing a lot of jobs. 248,400 additional jobs have been created in metro Edmonton between the years 2000 to 2014. Alberta has the highest rate of working poverty of any Canadian province. In 2011, over 59% of Alberta children in poverty lived in families where one or both parents worked full-time for the entire year.

About My Organization:

o The primary governance body will be the stewardship roundtable once End Poverty Edmonton is fully formed in early 2017.

My Collaborative: End Poverty Edmonton

Launched in March 2014, the End Poverty Edmonton task force’s goal engaged a diverse group of community leaders who were involved in forming both the End Poverty Edmonton strategy and its 5-year roadmap implementation plan. The development of these two documents involved extensive broad-based community engagement with Edmontonians, and culminated in the information that informed the content of these two documents. Following the approval of the roadmap by city council on May 24th, 2016, a transition team was established to foster the development of the inaugural community tables. These five tables are the stewardship roundtable, indigenous circle, investment collective, count me in network, and stakeholder forum. The backbone entity that will support the five community tables will be a secretariat composed of four staff members. A service package that will fund the initial starting point actions will be brought forward to city council in November 2016. It is anticipated that the End Poverty Edmonton entity will be fully formed and officially launched in early 2017. o Priorities include * Living Wage * Affordable housing * Transportation * Indigenous treaty roots * Income Security * Racism and Discrimination * Early Childhood Development * Human Rights