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Vibrant Communities Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

About My City: Calgary

The Enough for All strategy aims to cut poverty in Calgary in half by 2023 through harnessing the collective energy and passion of Calgarians. It will take all of us, working together, to reduce poverty in our community. Calgary’s need for a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy is real. With a population of 1.2 million: 1 in 10 Calgarians live in poverty; 67% of those living in poverty are employed; and the average household debt in Calgary is the highest in Canada – at $124,838. It is important to acknowledge the downturn in Calgary’s economy in 2015 and its influence on poverty rates. At 7%, Calgary’s unemployment rate is the highest it has been since 2010 and many Calgarians have growing anxiety about job security. However, Enough for All partners remain steadfastly dedicated. As one partner stated: “We need this plan now more than ever... and we are as committed as ever to advancing the work.” Yet, despite the abundance we share, many Calgarians also suffer from significant personal and financial distress. Rapid economic and population growth has brought stressors. For many, costs have risen faster than incomes, while our infrastructure strains under the demands of growth. Meanwhile, the shared values and sense of community that have sustained us in the past has been challenged in recent years.

About My Organization: Vibrant Communities Calgary

Vibrant Communities Calgary is the backbone organization to Calgary’s poverty reduction strategy, Enough for All. Vibrant Communities Calgary seeks to engage in strategies that address the root cause of poverty. They have an extensive history with VC Canada, Their main goals include supporting Calgary to become more inclusive, strong, equal, and accessible place to live.

My Collaborative: Enough for All

Enough for All is a community-driven poverty reduction initiative based on 15,000 hours of consultation with Calgarians, the business community, government, non-profits, and academia. Enough for All was transited to Vibrant Communities Calgary in 2015. It is an initiative led by the municipality of Calgary. Priorities of the Enough for All strategy include: Everyone in Calgary has the income and assets to thrive; All Aboriginal people are equal participants in Calgary’s prosperous future; All communities are strong, supportive and inclusive; and Everyone in Calgary can access the right supports, services and resources