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Chatham-Kent Ontario

Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable

Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada

About My City: Chatham-Kent

Our region has a population 103,000, with 17.6% of adults living on incomes below the Low Income Measure - after tax.

About My Organization: Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable

Backbone organization- Collaborative Leadership Team

My Collaborative:

The mission of the Prosperity Roundtable Chatham-Kent is “A diverse team of individuals working together to support develop and implement strategies to eliminate poverty in Chatham-Kent”. Their vision is “No person in Chatham-Kent living in poverty.” We have been a member of VC since 2012, funded primarily through the municipality of Chatham-Kent, with additional support from the United Way of Chatham Kent, and governed in a steering committee style. Our priority areas include: Education - Development of a life-long learning strategy, annual Poverty Awareness Week campaign, providing support, awareness and advocacy around the Canada Learning Bond, supporting the development of programming for at-risk youth; Social Determinants of Health - addressing local housing concerns (access to affordable housing, inventory of rentals), working with FI’s to help develop plans so families can purchase an affordable home, developing healthy family units; Social Inclusion - development of community information access points, living wage awareness, transportation accessibility, annual Breaking Barriers exhibition; Food Security - Canadian Food Strategy feedback report, Let’s Talk Food report and community forum, Food Policy Council, community gardens