Chatham-Kent Ontario

Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable

Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada

About My City: Chatham-Kent

Our region has a population 103,000, with 17.6% of adults living on incomes below the Low Income Measure - after tax.

About My Organization: Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable

We believe that no person in Chatham-Kent should be living in poverty. And as such, we are a diverse team of individuals working together to support, develop and implement strategies to eliminate poverty in Chatham-Kent. We believe in the power of dreams, we support the initiatives grown and supported by local citizens, we trust that solutions can be found when caring and dedicated individuals give their time and talents

My Collaborative:

The mission of the Prosperity Roundtable Chatham-Kent is “A diverse team of individuals working together to support develop and implement strategies to eliminate poverty in Chatham-Kent”. Their vision is “No person in Chatham-Kent living in poverty.” We have been a member of VC since 2012, funded primarily through the municipality of Chatham-Kent, with additional support from the United Way of Chatham Kent, and governed in a steering committee style. Our priority areas include: Education - Development of a life-long learning strategy, annual Poverty Awareness Week campaign, providing support, awareness and advocacy around the Canada Learning Bond, supporting the development of programming for at-risk youth; Social Determinants of Health - addressing local housing concerns (access to affordable housing, inventory of rentals), working with FI’s to help develop plans so families can purchase an affordable home, developing healthy family units; Social Inclusion - development of community information access points, living wage awareness, transportation accessibility, annual Breaking Barriers exhibition; Food Security - Canadian Food Strategy feedback report, Let’s Talk Food report and community forum, Food Policy Council, community gardens