Central Alberta and Red Deer Alberta

Red Deer, AB, Canada

About My City: Red Deer

Central Alberta is a region best defined as the area south of Edmonton and north of Calgary, stretching west to Rocky Mountain House and east to Coronation. The City of Red Deer, with a population of just over 100,000, is the central hub for the region, which boasts a population of about 310,000. The predominant economic drivers are oil and gas services and agriculture, making for a more “blue collar” community fabric. Parks, trails and the beautiful Red Deer River are attractive features that draw people to the region, along with job opportunities. Some of the challenges include an over-representation in single parent households and domestic relationship violence; the distances between communities and lack of local resources/services in the smaller, rural communities also create additional barriers for people experiencing poverty.

My Collaborative: Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance

Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance, or CAPRA, is a group of people and organizations who work collaboratively to find local solutions and make a real difference on poverty. We have over 45 members and hundreds of community supporters advocating for social change that will improve opportunities for people experiencing poverty. We work at the strategic level, taking a big-picture, long-term approach to have a collective, permanent impact on poverty. Our job is to: * Identify needs, advocate and influence policy * Advocate, promote and support poverty reduction programs and services * Educate the community about poverty related issues