Cape Breton Nova Scotia

United Way Cape Breton
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

About My City: Cape Breton

With a population of 135,900, we are former coal and steel industry community with a significant outmigration issue. We also have a large population of ‘fathers’ working away (Fort MacMury) while ‘mothers’ are raining their children here. Our unemployment rate is high and while we do have a number of entrepreneurs, most of these businesses are small with a handful of employees. We have an aging population as well.

About My Organization: United Way Cape Breton

Our mission is to improve lives and build community on the island of Cape Breton, by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. United Way Cape Breton is an autonomous organization operated by a voluntary Board of Directors chosen from the community it serves which governs decision-making. In addition, United Way Cape Breton has three paid staff that runs the organization.

My Collaborative: Cape Breton Poverty Task Force