Saint John New Brunswick

Living SJ

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

About My City: Saint John

Saint John has a population of 125,000, with an unemployment rate of 7.5% (2016). The rate of child poverty in Saint John is 29%, with 68% of youth stating that they do not see themselves working in 10 years. 30% of adults report mental health challenges. More than 1000 people in Saint John are on the wait list for subsidized housing in the region.

About My Organization: Living SJ

o Living SJ is co-led by a diverse and growing network of 100 plus members who are a combination of content leaders (understand the issues and solutions) and context leaders (know how to drive solutions forward). There are four Collective Impact Teams guiding strategies and actions to achieve key targets in the following priority areas: Close the education achievement gap; Connect low income residents to employment through education and training; Improve the health of residents through neighbourhood-based models of care; Transform low-income neighbourhoods into vibrant mixed income communities.

My Collaborative: Living SJ

Living SJ is about working differently together in the Saint John area. It’s about applying an approach to mobilizing action around our community priorities. This includes: developing a common agenda – agreeing on what we can do together differently; measurements – knowing the difference we are making with our actions; communication – sharing information; broad stakeholder involvement – contributing differently to the solutions; and a centralized structure to keep the momentum going – supporting our work, the sharing of information and our results. ​ This approach highlights the collaborative spirit of our community. We can work across different groups in our community whether government, business, non-profits or residents, with activities that build on each of our strengths and focus on common priorities to make a difference. We publicly endorse and communicate poverty reduction strategies, and bring resources and knowledge to the achievement of these strategies and goals. We support approaches to poverty reduction in Saint John that advance community engagement and collaborative leadership.