Abbotsford British Columbia

Vibrant Abbotsford

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

About My City: Abbotsford

With a population of 143,000, Abbotsford is the fifth largest municipality in British Columbia.  According to Stats Canada, Abbotsford also has the third highest proportion of visible minorities among census metropolitan areas in Canada.  Among its many attributes, Abbotsford is an agricultural cornucopia and proud to be named by Statistics Canada as Canada’s most generous city in terms of charitable donations for nine years in a row.  With an increasingly diverse and bountiful population, one would assume the community is healthy and vibrant.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Abbotsford ranks 20th on the list of most expensive rental markets in the nation and more than 13% of the population lives below the after-tax low-income measure.  Homelessness is on the rise and food security is a need for many.  As Abbotsford plans for the next decade, Vibrant Abbotsford plans to take an active role is finding and filling gaps while building a sustainable and measureable poverty reduction strategy. 

About My Organization: Vibrant Abbotsford

Vibrant Abbotsford focuses on areas that will contribute to moving people away from poverty, including: researching and drafting a sustainable poverty reduction strategy for our community, financial literacy and empowerment for youth ages 12-29, Living Wage, and Food Security. By concentrating our efforts on specific causes of poverty and community building, we can more successfully achieve our ultimate goal of building a more vibrant Abbotsford. Vibrant Abbotsford collaborates with existing poverty reduction efforts, as well as activities that: shift local attitudes regarding poverty; regional efforts to impact municipal and provincial level policy; assist local citizens to build financial, physical, and social assets; build a vibrant and enriching communit

My Collaborative: Vibrant Abbotsford

Founded in 2006, Vibrant Abbotsford is a collaborative community-based group guided by the Vibrant Abbotsford Executive Committee that works with a variety of partners, including all levels of government, social and voluntary organizations, faith-based organizations, local businesses, funders, and the people of Abbotsford. Poverty reduction priorities include: Research and drafting of a poverty reduction strategy for the City of Abbotsford, Financial Empowerment, Food Security, Living Wage