Kingston Ontario

Poverty Reduction Initiative, Kingston

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

About Me:

The Poverty Reduction Plan in Kingston is a community based strategy that brings together input from numerous resources to outline the best approach to reduce poverty in Kingston. The 5 focus areas are: Health, Housing, Skills Development & Employment, Social Services and Supports to Education.

About My City: Kingston

In Kingston, we believe everyone in Ontario has the right to live poverty-free and with dignity in housing that is stable, adequate, equitably accessible and affordable.

About My Organization: Poverty Reduction Initiative, Kingston

Strategic Focus Areas - Housing: a safe, stable, accessible & affordable home for everyone - Skills Development & Employment: a community that understands and embraces the benefits to the entire community of provideing living wage jobs -Community Supports for Education: all children, families and neighbourhoods have access to the support and services they need to support their education -Social Services & Community Supports: programs & services that are coordinated and meet the unique and changing needs of individuals and families -Health: community that understands that health is impacted by poverty, employment, housing, education, food security, income, social and physical environment and other determinants of health

My Collaborative: Poverty Reduction Plan Kingston

This is a multi-sectoral community collaborative project, coordinated through the United Way and the City of Kingston. Working Groups in the strategic focus areas will report to a Poverty Reduction Group. The initiative began in 2011 and continues to focus on developing action plans and evaluation processes.