Sherri Torjman

Thought Leader

Vice-President,  Caledon Institute of Social Policy

Ottawa, ON, Canada

About Me:

Sherri Torjman is the Vice-President of the Caledon Institute of Social Policy. Educated at McGill University, she has written in the areas of welfare reform, disability income and supports, caregivers, long-term care, employment policy and community-based poverty reduction. Sherri is the author of the book Shared Space: The Communities Agenda.

As one of our Vibrant Communities Canada Thought Leaders, here are the three areas Sherri is interested in exploring:

Municipal policy developments: Municipal governments are involved in several areas that affect the quality of life of people living in poverty. These include affordable housing, transportation and recreation. She is interested in learning more about local government initiatives in selected municipalities that can be seen as exemplary models for other communities.

Disability: Sherri has been involved for many years in writing about various aspects of disability policy, especially with respect to disability-related income and supports. She believes this topic is of special interest to Vibrant Canada because of the disproportionately high rates of poverty among persons with disabilities.

Caregivers: She has written about various policies that are supportive of caregivers. These are the family members and friends who provide informal, but crucial, support to the frail elderly and to persons with severe and prolonged disabilities. Many caregivers experience emotional turmoil. They also face the “ghosts of poverty” arising from threats to their current and future income stability.