Summary of Learning: Poverty Reduction Summit

Submitted by Tamarack on May 7, 2015 - 12:23pm


Welcome, inspiration and opening the learning commons (with Paul Born, Tamarack) 

Poem: Taut, by Scott MacAfee

Workshops: Stream A

Working for a Living Wage: Campaigns, Employers and Calculations (with Tom Cooper, Living Wage Hamilton; Greg deGroote-Maggetti, Living Wage Waterloo Region; Catherine Ludgate, VanCity Credit Union; Deanna Ogle, Living Wage for Families)

Crafting and Implementing Poverty Reduction Strategies (with Mark Cabaj, former Director Vibrant Communities Canada and President, Here to There Consulting)

Upside Down Thinking to Reduce Poverty(with Mark Holmgren, Bissell Centre, Edmonton)

Cities & Provinces Working Together to Reduce Poverty (with Paul Born and Louise Merlihan, Tamarack; Bishop Jane Alexander, City of Edmonton; Andrea Cohen Barrack, Ontario Trillium Foundation; Alan Broadbent, Avana Captial Corporation; Stephen Huddart, McConnell Family Foundation)

A Vision, An Experiment – Creating a Collective Impact in Vibrant Communities (with Liz Weaver, Tamarack)

Canada Social Report (with Ken Battle, Sherri Torjman and Anne Makhoul, Caledon Institute of Social Policy)

Promising Practices Learning Carousel

  • Kick-Off Speaker: Michael Toye, CEO of Canadian Community Economic Development Network
  • Community Food Centres with Kathryn Scharf, Community Food Centres Canada (National)
  • Canada Learning Bonds with Nicky Norris, Canada Learning Bond Champions Network (National)
  • Social Determinants of Health with Lori Kleinsmith, Bridges Community Health Centre (ON)
  • Community Economic Development as Poverty Reduction with Michael Toye, CCED-Net
  • Reducing Stigma through Education Curriculum with Jo Ann Salci, Hamilton Public Health (ON)
  • Engaging the Health Sector to Reduce Poverty - Dr. Danyaal Raza and Dr. Larisa Eibisch (ON)

Workshops: Stream B

Powerful Voice: Inclusion of Lived Experience (with Celeste Licorish, Speak Now Hamilton; Ruth MacDonald, Citizens Voice St. John’s; Kathy Manners and Trevor McAlmont, County of Simcoe; Elizabeth McIsaac, CEO, Maytree)

Creating Systems Change through Campus-Community Partnerships (with Karen Schwartz, Carleton University; Colleen Christopherson-Cote, Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership; Barry Galloway, Vibrant Communities Saint John; Adam Vasey, Pathway to Potential)

Art of Advocacy: Lessons Learned, Success Shared (with Peggy Tallion, CEO, Canadian Council for Social Development; Diana Bronson, Food Secure Canada; Trish Garner, BC Poverty Reduction Coalition; Alison Robertson, Poverty Costs Saskatchewan)

Evaluating Community-Wide Poverty Reduction Efforts – 5 Simple Rules (with Mark Cabaj, former Director Vibrant Communities Canada and President, Here to There Consulting)

Municipal Policies that Reduce Poverty(with Brock Carlton, Federation of Canadian Municipalities; Mike Bulthuis, Ottawa Alliance to End Homelessness; Randalin Ellery, Guelph-Wellington; Varley Weisman, Medicine Hat)

Tackling Tough Issues to Reduce Poverty Learning Carousel

  • Kick-Off Speaker: Liz Weaver, Tamarack (ON)
  • Tackling Tough Issues to Reduce Poverty Carousel Topics:
  • Payday Lending with Mike Brown, Momentum
  • Bridges Out of Poverty/Circles with Elaine Weir, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health
  • Bulk Buying to Increase Food Security with Alison Homer, Vibrant Abbotsford
  • Affordable Transit with Lisa Watson, Grande Priarie
  • Microfinance with Adam Vasey, Windsor SOUP


Workshops: Stream Stream C

Financial Empowerment as a Poverty Reduction Strategy (with Althea Arsenault, Economic Social Inclusion Corp; Adam Fair, Prosper Canada; Jeff Loomis, Momentum)

Rural Communities Reducing Poverty (with Colleen Christopherson-Cote; Pam Hanington, Poverty to Prosperity in Huron; Alex Henderson, Vibrant Communities Charlotte County; Jill Zacharias, Revelstoke, BC)

Creating Champions in Poverty Reduction Efforts (with Kate Gunn, City of Edmonton; Bishop Jane Alexander, Edmonton; Vanessa Charles, Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership; Marc Hamel, Halton Poverty Reduction Roundtable; Nick Saul, Community Food Centres Canada)

Creating Community Will: Engaging Media and Telling Effective Stories (with Don Lenihan, Canada 2020 and Public Policy Forum; Laura Cattari, Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction; Anne Makhoul, Caledon Institute of Social Policy; Dana Robbins, Metroland Media)

What is the Vibrant Communities data telling us? Measuring Impact (with Michel Frojmovic, Community Data Project, Canadian Council on Social Development; Mike Ditor, Community Data Project and Acacia Consulting)

Poverty Reduction and Early Intervention (with James Hughes, Graham Boeckh Foundation)

Municipal Poverty Reduction Strategies Learning Carousel

  • Kick-Off Speaker: Liz Weaver, Tamarack Institute
  • Municipal Poverty Reduction Strategies Carousel Topics:
  • Peel Poverty Reduction Strategy with Alicia Wilson and Andre Lyn
  • Peel Poverty Reduction Strategy Fact Sheet
  • Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative with Darrell Howard
  • RQRI – a Regional Community Revitalization Strategy for Quebec with David Marshall
  • City of Kingston - Bhavana Varma and Delina MacDonald

Workshops: Stream D

The Role of Business in Poverty Reduction (with Paul Born, Tamarack; Tom Gribbons, Business Community Anti-Poverty Initiative; Catherine Ludgate, VanCity Credit Union; Dana Robbins, Metroland Media)

Provincial Policies that Reduce Poverty (with James Hughes, Graham Boeckh Foundation; Karen Glass, Government of Ontario; Aisling Gogan, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador; Lindsay Turner, Nunavut; Stéphane Leclair, New Brunswick)

Community Engagement: Lessons for Poverty Reduction (with Katharine Scott, Vice-President, Candian Council on Social Development; Scott MacAfee, Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation; Don Lenihan, Canada 2020;Stephanie Cadieux, British Columbia; The Honourable Jeannie Ugyuk, Nunvaut)

Reducing Poverty Across Canada (with Joe Gunn, Director, Citizens for Public Justice; Harriett McLachlan, Canada Without Poverty; Elizabeth Mulholland, Prosper Canada; John Rook, Canadian Poverty Institute; Peggy Taillon, CCSD)

The Role of Funders in Poverty Reduction (with Louise Merlihan, Tamarack Institute; Pedro Barata, United Ways of Greater Toronto; Liz Gillis, Columbia Basin Trust; Tracey Robertson, Ontario Trillium Foundation)

Intersection Between Human Rights and Poverty Reduction (with Elizabeth MacIsaac, Maytre Foundation; Judge Robert Philp, Alberta Human Rights Commission; Norma Gunningham-Kapphahn, Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission)

Skills Learning Carousel

  • Resource at a Glance: Tracking Change Through an Outcomes Diary
  • Kick Off Speaker: Liz Weaver, Tamarack Institute
  • The Value of Social Finance and It's Instruments with Tim Draimin, SiG
  • Outcomes Diary with Liz Weaver, Tamarack
  • Basic Income Campaigns with Thomas Allgoewer, Basic Income Network Canada
  • Calculating a Living Wage with Laura Tucker, Pathway to Potential
  • Federal Anti-Poverty Plan with Janelle Vandergrift, Citizens for Public Justice and Michele Biss, Canada Without Poverty

FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2015

Reclaiming our Humanity (with Sherri Torjman, Caledon Institute of Social Policy)

VIDEO: The Future of Poverty Reduction


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