Social Innovation: Leveraging Systems Thinking to Improve Community Partnerships

Submitted by Natasha Pei on September 21, 2017 - 2:39am

Over many decades, many “solutions” to social and environmental problems in local and global communities have been implemented without a thorough understanding of complexities; hence, many have resulted in un-intended negative impacts. The shift to systems thinking and analysis has helped improve our understanding of interdependencies and complexities. This shift has been integral in identifying intended and unintended positive and negative impacts in communities. In this webinar, we take a brief look at what ecosystems are and how systems thinking can be used to better understand the positive and negative impacts of your work in the community. We then help you understand, through examples, how to leverage this system understanding to build partnerships across your community and achieve sustainable solutions to social/environmental issues.

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  • Dive deeper into systems thinking with Yassaman Nouri. Yassaman will be presenting a tools session in-person on Leveraging Systems Thinking to Understand the Complexities of Community Problems, as part of the Community Change Institute, Monday September 25, 2017.  Learn more or Register Now