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New Recording: Measurement and Evaluation of Community Engagement

Submitted by Alison Homer on June 13, 2017 - 2:15am


This webinar features Mark Holmgren of Vibrant Communities Canada who builds on his plenary presentation at Tamarack Institute's 2017 Community Engagement: The Next Generation to speak to how measuring community engagement is a different challenge than evaluating programmatic outcomes or impact.


Topics covered during this session include: the Spectrum of Community Engagement; the relationship between community engagement planning and evaluation; signals of an engaged citizenry that should be factored into community engagement design and measurement; the importance of communicating with the public before, during, and post engagement; and various ways of doing so.


Mark shares insights on how to measure community engagement initiatives that are focused on capacity building within a targeted community, and offers some best practice advice on community engagement tools to assist your engagement efforts.


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