Citizen-Led Innovation for a New Economy

Submitted by Tamarack on April 27, 2017 - 4:48am

Edited by Alison Mathie and John Gaventa of the Coady International Institute, a new collection of cases from Canada and the USA has been released that profile examples of citizen-led innovation for a new economy. These cases are drawn from urban and rural contexts and ethnically diverse settings —First Nations, Inuit, Latino, African American, predominantly white, and mixed economies — and illustrate new ways of working, tying economic justice to the creation of multiple forms of wealth.

This webinar will introduce you to one of these featured case studies, Vivre Saint Michel en Santé (VSMS), one of Tamarack Institute's original "Vibrant Communities." Learn from the authors, Brianne Peters, and Jean Panet-Raymond about emerging themes: motivation for change, leadership, citizen organizing, partnership across sectors, navigating power and influencing systemic change.

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