The Canada Learning Bond - Investing in Education and Poverty Reduction

Submitted by Tamarack on July 4, 2016 - 4:45am

Education can create the foundations (assets) for preventing or pulling onself out of poverty. The Canada Learning Bond is a program by the federal government of Canada that seeks to promote children achieving high school graduation and successfully attaining post-secondary education. However, 2/3 of eligible families are currently not receiving the money they are entitled to.

In this webinar with Joe March, SmartSAVER; Lora Pesant, Momentum; and special guest Jason Fuith, City of Winnipeg, we go over what opportunities the Canada Learning Bond presents families and communities to reduce poverty; we look at the challenges low-income families face in accessing the bond; and present tools for agencies and communities to use to help faciliate more families receiving the kickstart money.

Watch the recording here.

  • Overview of the Canada Education Savings Program and Canada Learning Bond - 1:50
  • Additional RESP provincial programs - 15:05
  • Barriers to accessing the CLB - 16:20
  • Tools and support available to families/organizations to access the CLB - 19:25
  • The Winnipeg Promise - engaging various sectors - 28:45
  • The Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative & Financial Literacy - 36:00