Nine Emerging & Connected Organizational and Leadership Principles

Submitted by Tamarack on August 5, 2011 - 12:00am

The principles outlined in this resource offer a new way of thinking about and approaching leadership and management that reflect the realities of working in complex and adaptive situations.  These principles have emerged from work with leaders in health care and other sectors.

The Nine Principles

  1. View your system through the lens of complexity
  2. Build a good-enough vision
  3. When life is far from certain, lead with "clockware" and "swarmware" in tandem
  4. Tune your place to the edge
  5. Uncover and work with paradox and tension
  6. Go for multiple actions at the fringes, let direction arise
  7. Listen to the shadow system
  8. Grow complex systems by "chunking"
  9. Mix cooperation with competition
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