THRIVE: Medicine Hat and Region Strategy to End Poverty and Increase Wellbeing

Submitted by Medicine Hat on February 17, 2017 - 4:04am

The city credited as being the first to end homelessness, is ready for their next challenge, to end poverty in all its forms and ensure wellbeing for all citizens by 2030.

The THRIVE Strategy to end poverty, is a collaboration between the group leading the charge, The Poverty Reduction Leadership Group and a substantial number of community members who provided their valuable input and lent their voices to the creation of plan. These voices included Hatters from all walks of life; business owners, local government, not for profit organizations and those who have lived or are living in poverty. The effort will focus on 13 priorities and key actions, including income security, affordable housing and health and wellness, et cetera. Rather than alleviating the symptoms of poverty, the THRIVE plan calls for system changes that will prevent and ultimately end poverty by addressing the root causes.

The Poverty Reduction Leadership Group is comprised of a select group of representatives from the community that initiated the development of the THRIVE Strategy. The group is made up of several individuals and organizations in our community including those with lived experience, Medicine Hat Community Housing Society, Medicine Hat & district Food Bank Association, City of Medicine Hat, Prairie Rose School Division, Medicine Hat College, YMCA of Medicine Hat, and community members at large.

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