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Cities Reducing Poverty: When Business is Engaged Event Resource Library

Submitted by Devon Kerslake on March 21, 2017 - 2:51am



TEN: A Guide for Businesses Reducing Poverty

PRSB Shared Contact List

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8:30 Welcome and opening • Brock Carlton, FCM • Elizabeth McIsaac, Maytree • Mayor Fred Eisenberger, City of Hamilton • The Hon. Chris Ballard, Government of Ontario

Day 1 Daily Summary

Day 1 Podium Slides

9:20 Framing the Discussion • Alan Broadbent, Avana Capital Corporation

Endeavour, Resolution, and The Children of Peace: Lessons from history for the fight against poverty



9:50 When Business is Engaged Panel

• Moderator: Keanin Loomis, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

• Josie Rudderham, Cake and Loaf Bakery

• Sandra Huculak ATB Financial

• Helmi Ansari, Groshe 


11:00 How Business Leaders Will Join your Quest • David Alston, Business Community Anti-Poverty Initiative

11:30 Our Community's Safety Net and Net Worth: Investing in an Inclusive Economy • Colette Murphy, Atkinson Foundation

Presentation Slides

12:00 Food Security: It’s Time to Act • Michael McCain, Maple Leaf Foods

2:00 Workshops

Round 1: 7 concurrent workshops

Women's Housing and Responding to Women's Housing Issues
Dierdre Pike, Katherine Kalinowski

Engaging Business- What Works? (BCAPI, St. John)
David Alston, Monica Chaperlin & Donna Gates

Public Markets: Engines of Sustainable Urban Development
Brittani Farrington & Corry Ouellette with Marina Quierolo moderating the discussion

Meeting People Where They Are- A Paradign Shifting Community Impact
Sandra Huclak & Jordan Reiniger

Reversing Fortunes: Cities Building Community Wealth 
Denise Andrea Campbell, Rosemary Powell, Leena Sharma & Ian Troop with Colette Murphy moderating 
Presentation Slides: Pan Am Games 
Presentation Slides: Social Procurement
Presentation Slides:  Halton Poverty Roundatable, Theory of Change


Intimate Conversations on Indigenous Reality: I am Affected & I am Committed Campaign
Tara Williams and Yvonne Maracle

Game Changer Approach to Poverty Reduction Strategy and Evaluation
Alison Homer & Marc Holmgren 



4:00 Workshops

Round 2: 7 concurrent workshops

2020 Vision for 2020
Video: Photo Voice Women Creating Change
Jan Morton

Financial Empowerment in Canada - Collaborations with Businesses to Reduce Poverty
Marlene Chiarotto, Glenna Harris, Allison Patterson, Brendon Pooran, Kim Tranchemontagne & Mary Wong

The Fight for Decent Work
Tom Cooper with Pam Frache, Sara Jama, Jenn Miller, Nusrat Mir, Sara Mojtehedzadeh

New Approaches to Rental Housing Development
Derek Ballantyne

Addressing Poverty and Reconciliation in Edmonton
Reverand Jane Alexander & Shannon Hebden

Storytelling with Purpose: Lessons from Hamilton's Speak Now! speaker's bureau
Naseem Sherwani
To learn more: contact the Hamilton Speakers Bureau
Community Leaders withLiving/Lived Experience: A new conference call based community of practice will be launched in spring 2017. If you’re an individual with living or lived experience and would like to join this exploratory community of practice please email Kirsti Battista

From Awareness to Action: Positioning Challenging Social Issues for Maximum Engagement
PDF of Handout 
Video: 2000 Words 
Video Clip: Poverty Over London
Jeff Sage, Lindsay Sage & Jennifer Smith

5:45 Mayor's Reception at David Braley Centre • Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra • Refreshments prepared by At the Table, a project of the YWCA •

Welcome address by Mayor Eisenberger • Traditional Hoop Dance by Rod Nettagog (Minaade Sin Aankote/“Bluestone Cloud”) and his son • VCC Awards Ceremony





8:30 Welcome and Framing: Brock Carlton, FCM Elizabeth McIsaac, Maytree

Day 2 Daily Summary

Day 2 Podium Slides

8:50 Keynote and Human Rights Panel: Renu Mandhane, Ontario Human Rights Commission

9:45 Cities Reducing Poverty Panel Moderator: Brock Carlton, FCM

• Mayor Fred Eisenberger, City of Hamilton

Mayor Lisa Helps, (City of Victoria, Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn)
Resources and Links: Making Victoria: Unleashing PotentialGood Jobs + Good Business = Better Community Victoria Housing Strategy 2016-2025 

• Mayor Bonnie Crombie, City ofMississauga

• Mayor Walter Sendzik, City of St.Catharines

11:00 Workshops

Round 3: 7 concurrent workshops

Reflections on a A 40 Year Gestation: Edmonton’s Community Development Corporation 
PDF document for CDC Business Case (Edmonton Community Development Corporation)
Martin Garber-Conrad & Carman McNary

Social Enterprise: A tool for Building Healthy Communities 
Mike Toye (CCEDNet) and David LePage (Buy Social Canada)

The City School Approach to Education and Poverty Reduction
Alan Bourke, Jeremy Atkinson, Emily Ecker, Natalie Shearer

Partnering for Success: Community-Campus Engagements that Move the Needle on Poverty and Housing Security
Mike Bulthuis, Karen Schwartz, and Aaron Kozak 

Alternatives to Predatory Lending
Mary DeSousa,  Denise Christopherson and Monica Ciriello

Deepening Our Culture of Rights: Building a Community of Practice Around Economic and Social Rights in Canada
Effie Vlacchoyannacos and Kate Butler
Wnat to learn more about the "Human Rights Approach to Poverty Reduction?": Tamarack will be launching a new online community of practice in 2017 on this topic in partnership with Maytree. If you’re interested in joining the mailing list for updates about the launch, please email Kirsti Battista.  

The Living Wage
Women and Homelessness Presentation Slides
Deirdre Pike, Greg deGroot-Maggetti,  Kate doForno, Kelly Watson and Don Mills 


1:30 The Hamilton Roundtable Story

• Howard Elliott, Hamilton Spectator

• Tom Cooper, Hamilton Roundtablefor Poverty Reduction 

Hamilton Roundtable Social Inclusion Policy

2:15 Neighbourhood Bus Tours Across the City of Hamilton

Buses will take participants to preorganized tour stops

5:30 Networking Reception Hamilton City Hall

Opening remarks by Terry Cooke,CEO of the Hamilton Community Foundation

 Light refreshments by La PiazzaAllegra and cash bar available





8:30 Welcome and Framing

Brock Carlton, FCM & Elizabeth McIsaac, Maytree

Day 3 Daily Summary

Day 3 Podium Slides

8:50 In Conversation with Minister Duclos Moderator: Steve Buist,Hamilton Spectator

• Penni Eisenhaur, Living SJ

• Yvonne Maracle, Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction

• Hilary Chapple, VibrantCommunities Calgary - PovertyTalks

Special greetings from Minister Duclos via video, Adam Vaughan hosts the conersation

10:30 Is Basic Income the Answer? Moderator: Laura Babcock,Powergroup Communications

• Armine Yalnizyan, CanadianCentre for Policy Alternatives

• Senator Art Eggleton, Parliamentof Canada

• Michael Mendelson, CaledonInstitute of Social Policy

• John Mills, Hamilton Roundtablefor Poverty Reduction

11:30 What Can I Say that Hasn’t Been Said Before? Mark Chamberlain, PV Labs

12:00 Closing 

Mark Holmgren, Tamarack, Brock Carlton, FCM, Elizabeth McIsaac, Maytree

1:00 Event Ends


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