Cities Connect - September 2016

Submitted by Natasha Pei on October 7, 2016 - 4:09am

We know that resources are streched and capacity is tight with many learners in our network. As such, this month we've compiled tips, tricks, and practical tools from our members and directors to help you with resource development for your non-profit or public initiative. In September's edition of Cities Connect you will find: 

  • A one-hour online session with Grant Writer and Trainer, Anne Morais, on how to get the grant - common pitfalls, tips for writing, and how to build capacity in your organization to seek and secure grants. 
  • Five Tips for Strategic Resource Development - these five things should be top of mind for you, your board, and other staff or volunteers of your organization/initiative at all times. 
  • Creative Resource Development: Best Practices for Local Initiatives: Cities Reducing Povert member, Shakira Miracle, suggests stakeholders and events to engage with, to build your capacity
  • Three Key Components of Effective Donor Communication - how you explain your work is just as important as what it is. Here are some techniques to strengthen your case, making it more human, more engaging, and more aligned with the donor’s perspective
  • ... and more!

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