Cities Reducing Poverty: A Book of Case Studies from Vibrant Communities Canada

Submitted by Donna Jean Fors... on July 5, 2016 - 3:41am

Learn more about Tamarack's latest book and order your copy of Cities Reducing Poverty - How Vibrant Communities are Creating Comprehensive Solutions to the Most Complex Problem of our Times.

Here is a brief snippet from the opening of the introduction:

"This book explores the efforts of collaborative groups in six different Canadian cities as they work to reduce poverty. These groups are: a project that seeks to get long-term unemployed job seekers trained and transported to jobs across the sprawling region of Niagara; a coalition pressing Calgary City Council to pass (and maintain) a subsidized bus pass for people with low incomes; a grassroots network of citizens’ partnership clubs in Montréal working to turn around a forgotten neighbourhood; an unusual collection of local organizations in Surrey working to get homeless day labourers back into the mainstream; a high-level roundtable of civic leaders in Hamilton mobilizing the community to make it the best place to raise a child; and a business-led group in Saint John that aims to reduce that City’s poverty rate by one half."  See more by downloading this excerpt from the book.

It is a great little book full of resources that apply to any city or region seeking to reduce poverty by working across sectors in a collaborative way.  Order it today for just $10 per book.

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