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A Cities Reducing Poverty Retrospect 2017

Submitted by Alison Homer on August 17, 2017 - 4:38am

CRP RetrospectVibrant Communities Canada’s Cities Reducing Poverty (VCC-CRP) network represents a diverse range of local poverty reduction collaboratives and collective impact initiatives from across the country. Members share research and experiences and learn from one another through in-person and online mediums such as annual gatherings, webinars, Communities of Practice, and the Vibrant Canada blog. They apply this learning to adopt and adapt innovative solutions to move the needle on poverty.


This document aims to paint a picture of some of the values, priorities, and strategies shared by Cities Reducing Poverty (CRP) members in their poverty reduction work, particularly with respect to progress within poverty reduction initiatives, partnerships, community development, asset building, and policy and systems change.


As each CRP member is unique, and as reporting capacities and requirements vary greatly across the network, this document is not intended to provide a comprehensive comparison or analysis of the work being conducted. Instead, it was written to help CRP members celebrate the collective accomplishments of hard-working organizers in our communities, to allow them to identify others who are working on similar initiatives, and to provide connections to build off of known successes.


Download the Cities Reducing Poverty Retrospect 2017.

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