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Economic Development/ Employment & Labour Policy Resources

Submitted by Tamarack on September 8, 2016 - 6:42am

This is a general library of economic development/ employment and labour policy resources for Cities compiled with the help of members of Vibrant Communities Canada's Municipal Government Representatives Community of Practice. Please feel free to download items and to suggest new resources for inclusion in this library by emailing


Repository of Labour Force and Employment Resources (Canada Social Report)

Suggested Resources from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)

  • Canadian Examples:
    • The Thompson Economic Diversification Working Group (TEDWG) was formed with a simple mission: to accelerate Thompson’s development as a regional service centre for northern Manitoba with a strong mining pillar. The TEDWG is chaired by the City of Thompson, and includes representatives from Vale, the business community, Indigenous communities, and the Province of Manitoba. The Government of Canada and USW Local 6166 have been invited to participate. TEDWG is being supported by rePlan, a Canadian planning organization that works with resource-based communities in Canada and internationally. This group is responsible for identifying and pursuing the most promising opportunities to help Thompson diversify its economy and strengthen its position as an economic contributor to northern Manitoba. The Thompson Economic Diversification Plan will provide immediate direction on specific projects, strategies and actions. It will also provide a framework for continued action with regards to economic diversification over the long-term.
    • Various Economic Development strategies and plans from municipalities across Canada can typically be found on each City's website


  • The International Experience
    • Explore resources from FCM's various international programs, working with municipal governments and agencies across the globe to foster economic development. 


  • Joint Economic Development with First Nations
    • FCM’s Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) provides information and improves joint economic development between municipalities and First Nations. Some CEDI partners have gone on study tours in support of tourism ventures. Others have used peer mentorship to launch their joint work, hired joint Economic Development Officers, or organized regional planning workshops that brought people together who had never imagined being in the same room planning a better future. 



Examples of Social Procurement Policy/Frameworks

Other Online Resources