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Advocacy Progress Planner

Submitted by Donna Jean Fors... on July 15, 2016 - 2:22am

The Advocacy Progress Planner is a free online tool for individuals and organizations who are involved in advocacy work.  I uncovered it while reading a blog from the Stanford Social Innovation Review about Measuring Advocacy (which is a fabulous article).

Here is what the Advocacy Progress Planner tool will do:

  • Meaningful and measurable advocacy: This tool is designed to give you and your team an at-a-glance look at the ingredients of advocacy efforts. It can guide you to clarify the goal, audience and tactics of your own campaign. 
  • Tough questions: As you move through the tool, it asks some tough questions to help you check your assumptions about how change will happen. You’ll see your campaign strategy come into focus. And it will help you set some benchmarks to gauge your progress.
  • Share, collaborate and improve your plan: You can share your plan securely with colleagues, funders, and coalition partners.  Working together, you can improve your logic model - and your advocacy.
  • Check back and learn along the way: Advocacy rarely goes the way we think it will. You can use your completed Planner over the life of your campaign to guide periodic reviews.  Use what you learn to adjust course towards your goals.

This tool is developed from Julia Coffman's Composite Logic Model and is a project of the Advocacy Planning and Evaluation Program (APEP) at the Aspen Institute.

I would love to hear if you have used this tool and your experience with it.  Please share in the comments section below.