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Resources about Vibrant Communities 2002-2012

Cities Connect

The latest news, tools and resources from the poverty reduction community all in one place

Cities Reducing Poverty

Meet our members! Explore plans, reports and more

Early Childhood Education

Resources for early childhood education

Financial Empowerment

Resources on financial skills building, safe access, and protection

Provincial & Territorial Poverty Reduction Strategies

Explore different strategies

Community Poverty Reduction Plans

Explore poverty reduction strategies

About Roundtables for Poverty Reduction

Resources for Starting, Growing and Renewing

Poverty Reduction

Explore strategies, statistics, seminars and more

Online Seminars

Audio-visual seminars about poverty related topics

Multi-sector Collaboration

Resources to build the capacity of multiple sectors working together

Comprehensive Community Change

Resources for complex change initiatives

Collective Impact

All about Collective Impact Initiatives

Asset Based Community Development

Resources for identifying, mapping & mobilizing assets

Community Engagement

Building agreement, momentum & solutions for local issues


Resources to cultivate innovation

Social Enterprise

Resources for social enterprise

Small & Rural Communities

Resources specifically for small and rural communities

Ressources en Francais

Resources available in French

Income Security

Resources to link income and poverty

Food Security

Resources related to food & agriculture


Resources to link transportation issues & poverty

Housing & Homelessness

Exploring poverty's effects on housing

Health Equity & Social Inclusion

Resources about social determinants of health

Neighbourhood Revitalization & Economic Development

Resources for neighbourhood renewal

Tools & Templates

Easy to use resources for poverty reduction work

Advocacy & Policy

Explore resources about policy and systems change


Ways to measure outcomes in collaborative work

Governance & Leadership

Resources to strengthen multi sector roundtable leadership

Case Studies & Community Stories

Stories about poverty reduction in action

Funding & Fundraising

Ideas to find and raise funds for community efforts

Lived Experience

resources about inclusion of people with lived experience


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FCSS Directors Network

Resources for the Alberta FCSS Directors Network