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Recent Publications

Kingston Mayor's Task Force on Poverty Report 2007

Author: Kingston Mayor's Poverty Task Force (2007)
The Task Force’s summary finding is simple: Poverty is the price the Kingston community pays for its economic, geographic, ideological, and organizational divides. The cost to the community is in human life and potential, tens of millions of dollars annually, and untold lost opportunity. Poverty alleviation alone is not good enough; we must pursue poverty reduction. The success of a community-wide poverty reduction initiative is almost entirely dependent on the community’s willingness to learn to work better together. The report title, “Ready To Do Better,” reflects our certainty that the community is anxious to move past its traditional patterns of behaviour in the shared interest of reducing poverty, and is eager for leadership in doing so.

Report: A Living Wage for Kingston, 2011

Kingston Community Roundtable for Poverty Reduction
This report has compiled the basic expenses required to allow a family of four in Kingston to provide the necessities of what we consider a decent, minimal life for themselves and their children. The standard of living envisioned in this report is not luxurious by any means. It would require constant tight budgeting and expense management for the family to live on the budgeted amounts. And the level of consumption provided for, in our judgment, reflects only the minimum levels consistent with a healthy, active, engaged life. Then, on the basis of those expenses and the parameters of Canada’s tax and transfer system, we have calculated the hourly wage that would have to be earned by both parents in order to generate the level of after-tax-and-transfer income required to meet that basic standard of living. That hourly wage, given living expenses in Kingston in 2011, is $16.29 per hour. Find other resources related to income security here.


Resource Type: Publication | Author: Tim Brodhead
As this publication sets out to explain, for the Foundation, enhancing resilience means investing in the capacity of Canadians to handle challenges at multiple levels. Our concept of resilience links social and ecological systems, people and nature, and can be addressed locally at the level of the individual, family, or community, and nationally or even globally. Individual resilience grows by acquiring skills, assets, confidence, leadership abilities, and access to knowledge and social networks. Communities are stronger when there is abundant social capital, a dynamic civil society, supportive informal networks, and a culture of active citizenship.  Find the resource here.

Emergence and Scale

Meg Wheatley
A great article by Meg Wheatley that allows us to consider emergence as a great friend. What it does require is that we learn to enter the change we want to see.