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Cultivating the Power & Possibility of Citizen Leadership: Creating Caring & Resilient Communities

Monday, November 27, 2017
Sylvia Cheuy
Burlington, ON

Join internationally recognized facilitator and community builder Sylvia Cheuy for a workshop exploring citizen leadership: how it is nurtured and why it is a strategy a growing number of organizations and municipalities are embracing.

 Deepening the experience of community in our neighbourhoods and cities is THE opportunity of our time.  This workshop provides participants with the theory and practice of Deepening Community.  Learn how and why engaging and reconnecting residents to each other and facilitating processes that transform isolated individuals into a group of powerfully connected neighbours is an essential foundation that must be intentionally cultivated before citizens, organizations and municipalities can actively co-create a positive future together.  When local connections and relationships are nurtured, the community’s capacity to care for one another – its resilience – is restored.

Participants of this workshop will learn:

  • The simplicity and impact of hosting conversations between and amongst diverse groups to build consensus around an aspirational community-wide vision

  • The value and importance of identifying opportunities for shared action – tangible projects that translate the community’s vision into reality

  • The power of building an inventory of resident skills, assets and teachables and why it is an essential tool to deepen community

  • How the opportunity to work together on meaningful community projects provides opportunities for neighbours to build relationships of trust: reweaving the social fabric that is the hallmark of caring, resilient communities

  • Why a growing number of municipalities are investing in the development and implementation of neighbourhood-based strategies that engage and empower residents as leaders of positive change and what lessons they can share

This workshop is for those who:

  • Desire new ways to lead, engage and transform in your community

  • Recognize the power and impact of citizen leadership in the development of resilient, caring neighbourhoods and communities

  • Want to learn how municipalities and organizations can serve as catalysts for deepening community and fostering relationships of trust between neighbours

  • Discover why multi-sector engagement is essential to positively impact complex community issues such as: health and well-being; poverty reduction; overcoming loneliness and isolation; neighbourhood renewal; crime prevention; and, youth development

  • Recognize why community engagement and collaboration are the foundation of inclusive leadership, including: NGOs; businesses; funders; and, national, provincial or local government

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