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Community Engagement: The Next Generation

Monday, November 6, 2017 - Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Lisa Attygalle, Paul Born, Mark Holmgren, and Megan Wanless
Kitchener, Ontario

This is a workshop designed to inspire and rejuvenate. We want to revive your hope in the power of engagement and eliminate the "cynic" that has emerged in so many of us. 

As practitioners, we are all intensely interested in the "how" of this work. The workshop is designed for hands-on, experiential learning, story-telling, practice and application. Bring your smart phones and computer - we'll do more than follow a hashtag. Try out new tools, apply proven engagement techniques, and practice what you're learning as you're learning it. 

What You'll Experience

  • Technologies to make your engagement work easier and more effective
  • Theoretical frameworks for engagement, systems change and movement building
  • Practical examples and in-depth case studies from municipalities, community organizations, provincial (state) government and corporations
  • The latest in interviewing, facilitation and dialogue techniques
  • A framework for engagement to advance your collective impact work
  • Hands-on, interactive practice of engagement techniques and technology

Systems Change and Measuring Outcomes

A unique feature of the Community Engagement: The Next Generation three day workshop is our emphasis on systems change and measuring community engagement outcomes. We don't want to just engage the community, we want to engage them for change. Learn how to engage using a collective impact framework and how to measure population-based outcomes in community change. You will hear examples from real people who have made measurment the keystone of their engagement strategy to make themselves accountable to the community.

How Do We Learn Together?

In addition to hands on learning there will be plenty of time to interact with other learners, faculty and practitioners. We are all assigned to a small group learning lab that will provide you an opportunity to hear each other’s stories and dig deeper into the content.

During our time together you will be invited to help create a powerful and dynamic learning community dedicated to strengthening our individual and collective capacity to connect, engage and mobilize citizens, funders and policy-makers.  As members of this learning community we will each gain new insights and be part of shaping new knowledge to move our communities towards a deeper commitment to realizing collective impact.

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