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The 1,000 Families Project

Thursday, November 10, 2016
Anne Smith, Anna Bubel, moderated by Mark Holmgren

Neighbourhood-Based Strategies that Reduce Poverty 

 A Vibrant Communities & Deepening Community Crossover Webinar Series

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region has declared an audacious goal of raising 1,000 families out of poverty. How are we going to make this happen?

  • By focusing on five core neighbourhoods
  • By building on existing assets - the gifts, talents and resources in the community
  • By bringing more community capacity to the table
  • By committing to and investing in this goal in a big way, no matter how hard or complex
  • By organizing ourselves to grow and sustain the effort over the long haul

Join this webinar with Anne Smith, CEO of United Way of the Capital Alberta Region, and Anna Bubel, Consultant and Researcher on Community Development Corporation models, to explore the origins and evolution of the 1000 Families Initiative: naming the people, paradigms, programs, and partners that will make it happen...


About the Speakers 

Anne Smith, President and CEO, United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

Anne first connected with United Way in Calgary as a volunteer youth representative on the Board of Directors. The experience had such an impact on her that she chose to continue her connection through United Way in Edmonton when she moved to the Capital Region in 1975. In 1984, fully established as a successful marketing and communications professional, Anne's work with the United Way became permanent when she joined the Capital Region staff as Communications Director. Over nearly 10 years with the organization, her enthusiasm grew as she took on responsibilities as Planning Officer and then VIce President, Marketing and Communications. In 1993, she was promoted to Senior Vice President, and then appointed President and CEO two years later.

Anne dedicates herself to a spirit of collaboration and community building. This approach has enhanced relationships in the sector, grown community and donor support, and increased the visibility of social issues affecting more than 120,000 people living in poverty in the Alberta Capital Region, and those at risk of falling into it.


Anna Bubel, Consultant, Another Way

Anna's paid and volunteer work focuses on community economic development. In the 1990's she led a community planning process to revitalize two inner city communities. Since then, she has been involved in creating the Edmonton Community Loan Fund (micro loans for small entrepreneurs), the Edmonton Inner City Housing Land Trust (rent to own homeownership option), A Better Lot (affordable homeownership), the Social Enterprise Fund (social enterprise and housing financing), and teaching a university class on social enterprise. Most recently, Anna completed the background research on Community Development Corporation (CDC) models and wrote the concept paper to help launch Edmonton's version of a CDC. She looks forward to applying her passion and experience to help 1,000 Families Thrive. 

 Online Webinar
Online Webinar