Saskatoon Community Roundtable Conversation

Submitted by Saskatoon on November 1, 2011 - 1:10pm

The Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership (SPRP) is a group of partners organizing to develop and implement a community plan to reduce poverty in Saskatoon. You may have seen our September newsletter with background to our initiative and who is involved. Our partnership was initiated as part of a gathering November 24th, 2009 in response to the recent report on health disparities in Saskatoon. We include organizations that have been creating action in this area for years and also individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses new to the conversation.

The SPRP held a Community Roundtable on November 24 2010 – one year following the meeting that
spurred on our community action plan and 21 years following the national all-party declaration to reduce child poverty. The afternoon was filled with sharing the good work happening in our community, talking about where we’re all going and the progress we’re making towards a community action plan, and how we can influence decisions being made in our community.

This newsletter is a summary of the Community Roundtable discussions.

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