Make the Most of your Membership

One of the most exceptional offerings of this website is the ability to connect with others creating vibrant communities.

Through this site, you can discuss ideas and questions about multi-sector poverty reduction efforts, find other people who share similar topics of interest, and access resources from thought leaders in the field.

When you become a member, you have exclusive access to:

  1. Create a personal profile and search members based on their topics of interest, and meet members of your community and collaborative through their profiles.
  2. Communicate your thoughts and questions in blog posts. Comment on others’ posts to continue a conversation on that topic.
  3. Join with others as a learning community or through groups to more deeply explore questions and topics of interest.
  4. Submit publications to build the community library. Share your favourite links and publications with the community on your profile.
  5. Register for events. We offer tele-learning, training, peer learning, and in-person events on different aspects of community.

Make the Most of the Features of Membership

Create Your Profile

Your personal profile is a means for you to share your blogs, links, publications and questions with other members, and for others to find you. Give details about your organization, your city and your collaborative roundtable. Choose topics that most interest you as a way to meet up with others who are also exploring these topics.


  • Give more than a professional bio and be sure to include a picture
  • Share your experience of poverty reduction efforts if possible.
  • Tag your profile using various topics of interest so that it is easier for people who share your interests to find you.

Join Groups and Create a Learning Community

Start and Join Groups

Start a group on a topic of interest allows you to delve deeper, gain access to broader knowledge and ask the wicked questions about your work.  You can also join other groups that interest you to expand your knowledge.  You will see all the activity of your groups on your profile page.

Create a Learning Community

Follow other members of the learning community that you want to learn more from.  On your profile page you will be able to see what those people you are following are blogging, adding to their profiles and more.  Keep up on all the latest activity through this feature.

Find Other Members

Use the topics of interest to search for others who are on similar paths of exploration. When you find others who share your interests, you can read their profiles, click on the links or publications they suggest, add them to your learning community or join their groups, and comment on their blog posts to engage them, and others, in dialogue.


  • Tag your profile using various topics of interest in order to meet more members with similar interests.
  • Search for and explore others’ profiles to get to know the members of your community.
  • Add others to your learning community to follow their activity

Publish Blog Posts

Your blog is a place to share thoughts, articles, ideas, questions and more with the community. Use it to tell about your experiences and ideas, and to ask questions, to find resources, and more. Blogs are also a way to engage with other members. You can comment on their posts to initiate dialogue about their ideas and questions.


  • Update your blog each time you visit the site, so members can hear more about what you are up to and your latest thinking and learning.
  • Commenting on blog posts is a great way to dig into ideas and questions that interest you.

Post Publications

When you add publications to your profile, they become part of a rich and ever-growing community library. You can see the publications others post on their profiles, or by using the Search function in the Find tab of the site.


  • Any publications you think offer value would be great to build the library.
  • Use key terms from a publication’s title to see if it is part of the community library.
  • You can also find publications listed in each member’s profile.

Register for Events

We offer tele-learning, training workshops, peer learning, and in person events throughout the year.  Membership in this learning community will give you first access to these events.


  • Watch the site for announcements of upcoming events.
  • Register early to avoid disappointment.