Living Wage Makes Good Business Sense

Resource Type: Podcast | Speaker: Catherine Ludgate and Alex Johnstone

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In this podcast, we hear from Catherine Ludgate of Vancity Credit Union and Alex Johnstone of the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board. As living wage employers they offer tips, ideas and suggestions for how businesses can champion the living wage in their communities.

You will hear about why it is important to pay a living wage and why it makes good business sense to do so.

They share the processes they each undertook to become a living wage employer and best practices that other businesses can learn from. You will also hear a rebuttal to the common argument that it costs too much to pay a living wage.

As an employer you will hear about the critical pieces to have in place as your business moves to paying a living wage and more!

Listen in to this informative and engaging podcast - approximately 30 minutes in length.

Those who participated in the tele-learning call were able to ask questions and share their own experiences. Listen to these questions and ideas below.

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About the Speakers

Catherine Ludgate is the Manager of Community Investment for Vancity Credit Union she's in charge of the micro-lending program at Vancity Credit Union, Canada's largest credit union.

Alex Johnstone is a trustee with the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. She also sits on the Shifting Attitudes working group of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction.

Vancity Credit Union has more than 2500 employees with 57 branches which makes them one of the largest living wage employers in Canada. They have also ensured that many of their external contracts are also paying the living wage for their employees. For more on Vancity as a living wage employer visit:

In March of this year the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board adopted the living wage for its over 7000 employees. It is the second, but largest, public school board in Canada to do so. Read more about it here:

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