Getting to Impact: Planning for Poverty Reduction

Submitted by Kirsti Battista on August 25, 2015 - 6:08am
With Thunder Bay, ON and Revelstoke, BC

August 2015's Getting to Impact: Planning for Poverty Reduction community of practice call hears from Bonnie Krysowaty of Thunder Bay's Lakehead Social Planning Council, and Jill Zachiarias of Revelstoke's Community Social Development Commitee.  Our poverty reduction representatives walk us through their cases for poverty reduction, the structure and process used to set up their collaborative initiatives, explain how they've established their priorities, the progress they've been making, and share some very insightful aha! moments.

Our discussion period further explores establishing main priorities using a cost of living analysis, gaining buy-in from the municipality, inviting and sustaining partnerships with people of lived experience of poverty, and successes and unexpected challenges along the way.

Watch the presentations and find related resources below.