Creating Shared Prosperity: Cities that lead, succeed

Submitted by Tamarack on March 18, 2014 - 9:05am
Case study shares how Canadian municipalities can build a prosperity agenda.

Creating Shared Prosperity: Cities That Lead, Succeed uses input and examples from a pan-Canadian network of municipalities striving to improve quality of life – as inspiration for municipalities and citizens to consider how they too can build a prosperity agenda.

Canada is an urban society. Four out of five Canadians live in city-regions. Cities' mix of businesses, government bodies, institutions and talent pools create synergies, encourage innovation, and generate new products, services and markets.

Conversely, recent trends toward greater income polarization and growing pockets of concentrated poverty in Canada's municipalities are of great concern. These factors affect municipalities' capacity to attract new people and investment. They restrict the ability of all residents to fully participate in their communities' economic and social life. 

The good news is that municipalities of all sizes can transcend the ills of poverty by adopting a vision of shared prosperity. They can use their policy levers and leadership position to create environments where people enjoy a high quality of life, innovation thrives and a robust social infrastructure leads to economic and social benefits for all residents. 

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