Community Visions, Community Solutions: 10 Years of Community Change

Resource Type: Podcast | Speaker: Jay Connor

10 years ago, Jay Connor wrote the book, Community Visions, Community Solutions: Grantmaking for Comprehensive Impact. In the years, since this pioneering work, he has travelled and seen the birth of a movement around comprehensive strategies to solve complex problems.  In this podcast, Jay shares what he has seen and learned on this journey. 

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Ten years ago, Jay Connor wrote the book, Community Visions, Community Solutions: Grantmaking for Comprehensive Impact. It is a book that pioneered the ideas of collective impact, comprehensive community change and encouraged grant makers to look at their funding through a new lens.  In the ten years since this book was written a lot has changed and a movement for comprehensive change is growing.  

This podcast catches up with Jay Connor and dives deep into what has happened and been learned in the last ten years.  Listen in as Jay shares what brought him to the work of community solutions and the role of funders in that work.  He also talks about the conditions necessary for communities to move the needle on big issues and the challenges faced when working in a comprehensive way.  

Jay readily shares the lessons he has learned by observing communities in the US and Canada for the past 10 years.  He reflects on the critical component of the community support organization (collective impact refers to this as the backbone organization).  

Take about 25 minutes to listen and learn from this delightful conversation. 


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About the Speaker

Jay Connor - Jay is the Founder/CEO of The Collaboratory for Community Support in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has extensive leadership experience in the business, non-profit, and public policy arenas. His major interest is in crossing the borders between these sectors and articulating their interdependence for the benefit of community dialogue and system effectiveness. 

Jay holds a J.D. and MBA in management from Northwestern University. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan, where he teaches graduate students from the schools of Urban Planning, Business, Public Policy and Social Work. The Collaboratory will soon, also, be associated with Florida State University.

Jay is also the author of Community Visions, Community Solutions: Grantmaking for Comprehensive Impact, a book that we just love.