Better is Always Possible: A Federal Plan to Tackle Poverty and Inequality

Submitted by Tamarack on March 7, 2016 - 6:50pm
Alternative Federal Budget | February 2016

This technical paper originally appeared on the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives website by Seth Klein and Armine Yalnizyan. 

The federal government has recently mandated Minister Yves-Duclos to work on a federal poverty reduction strategy. What it looks like has yet to be seen.

In February 2016 the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has released their Alternative Federal Budget, including recommendations based on research throughout the year. 

What needs to happen?

  • Reduce the overall poverty rate
  • Equalize outcomes for vulnerable populations and disadvantaged people
  • Reduce income insecurity
  • Increase emergency housing in the short-term and housing stock in the long-term
  • Halve food insecurity

How can we turn these recommendations into reality?

  • Identify measurable targets and timelines
  • Take a human rights approach and include the voices who have lived experience of poverty
  • Form a strong relationship with the provinces and territories that transfers funds to those showing achivements of their poverty reduction goals
  • Set national standards for welfare rates
  • Establish a Canada Child Cenefit for low income families
  • Increase the GIS to keep seniors out of poverty
  • Legislate decent wages 
  • Tackle homelessness and the housing stock
  • Implement universal child care
  • Invest in green social enterprise

Read the full report here

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