Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council's New Website

Submitted by WPRC on January 4, 2017 - 10:28am

Continuous communication is, of course, a key element of any collective impact approach. Knowing that, we identified WPRC’s refreshed web presence, which went live last month, as a critical component of the backbone work required to support the Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council (WPRC) in taking action on key (game changer) priorities for 2017 and beyond. 

In 2015, the Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council (WPRC) undertook an important review of its existing strategic plan framework.  Having just completed some innovative and critical work, including the 2014 release of the Plan to End Homelessness in Winnipeg, the 2015 establishment of End Homelessness Winnipeg Inc. – an organization tasked with leading implementation of that 2014 Plan – the goal of the comprehensive review was to update the WPRC’s strategic Framework for Action and create an shared sense of the path forward for 2015-2020.

Based on that 2015 update, WPRC’s work over this past year has focused on the aspiration of independence through income and the associated development of a strategic plan for collective action entitled TRC92: Youth Employment. The result of extensive community consultation and guided by Call to Action #92 in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s 2015 Report – which speaks to the corporate sector’s role in reconciliation – the goal of TRC92: Youth Employment is to bring together youth, Indigenous leadership, community organizations and business leaders / employers to share, develop and together implement innovative solutions that will increase access to desirable and sustainable job opportunities for Indigenous youth.  

In getting to this stage of the Council’s work, it became clear to us – as WPRC’s backbone support team – throughout the consultations that although the many community groups in Winnipeg were aware of the Council’s existence, there were varying degrees of understanding of the role, mandate, or structure of the collective impact initiative. Thus, enhanced communication with stakeholders became an essential focus of our 2016 work. 

Key communication priorities included:

1. New WPRC logo 

2. Revamped social media presence

3. Updated website that is fully operational and up-to-date

4. Meaningful reports and frequent communication to stakeholders

WPRC has made significant progress on the first three priorities and is actively working on the fourth. WPRC’s Twitter page has been active since June 1, 2016 and Council approved the new logo in September. Most excitingly, the renovated WPRC website was launched on December 14, 2016.  

We see the new website as a communication tool that the Council can use to convey its mandate and role in the poverty reduction landscape, highlight past accomplishments, and to update the community on current areas of focus. The website is also a resource for the community as WPRC will post articles regularly that are related to collective impact, social innovation, reconciliation, and other poverty reduction related materials. The public is able to subscribe to our mailing list, which we use to send out updates on the Framework for Action progress. 

Below is a brief highlight of the website’s main pages:

Who We Are Page

This page succinctly describes who we are, our philosophy, and our collective impact approach to poverty reduction.

Council Members Page

You can find each of our 38 Council members’ biographies on our Council Members page, which is divided into two groups – Steering Committee and full Council. Given our collective impact approach to poverty reduction, we thought it important to highlight the diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and sectors that are represented around the table. 

Framework for Action Page

This page provides an interactive display of WPRC’s 10 Aspirations for Winnipeg, under the Framework for Action: 2015-2020. 

Our Work Tab

This tab has three options in the dropdown menu: history and accomplishments, current focus, and TRC92: Youth Employment. Here you can learn more about WPRC’s work that resulted in the establishment of End Homelessness Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Boldness Project, and our current work in developing an action plan titled TRC92: Youth Employment. This TRC92 page will be kept up-to-date as the work progresses. 

Reports Tab

Under this tab you will find two previous reports to the community. WPRC will be developing a 2016 Annual Report, which will be set for release in June 2017 and will be posted to this page. 

News Tab

The news tab will be kept up-to-date with blog posts regarding topics related to poverty reduction in Winnipeg. Submissions will be made my WPRC staff, Council members, or community partners who are involved with the work of WPRC. 

Resources Tab

This is where WPRC will post community reports, articles, and research related to poverty reduction in Winnipeg and across Canada. 

These represent some of our main pages and we hope that you will check often to keep up-to-date with the work of WPRC. We are very excited about being able to use the new website to its full advantage, and welcome any feedback that you may have to offer. Also, if you’re interested in having WPRC post a relevant article to the resources page, highlight a community event in the events page, or if you have any questions about WPRC, please connect with WPRC’s Community Involvement Manager, Melissa Chung, at

WPRC would love to also stay connected with community partners and members through Twitter. Please follow us @WinnipegPRC