Exploring Poverty Reduction Game Changers with VC Canada Members: Education

Submitted by Tamarack on October 18, 2016 - 7:16am
#4 in the VC Game Changer Series

We Are Looking for Your Ideas 

Help make this innovative approach work! Ideas and suggestions from Cities Reducing Poverty members and broader learners of the Vibrant Communities Canada network are critical to developing a solid foundation in which to identify key levers that have large impacts on poverty reduction. 

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Defining a 'Game Changer'

The poverty reduction Game Changer series highlights eight priority areas and strategies, as identified by Vibrant Communities Canada and our Cities Reducing Poverty members, that elicit an array of positive, significant, and cascading outcomes towards reducing poverty.


#4 in the Game Changer Series: Education

This Game Changer encompasses literacy, graduation from high school or equivalency, affordable and accessible post-secondary education, and opportunities for alternative learning supports.

Education is both a continuum of learning and a lifelong process that enables an individual to achieve his or her goals and develop his or her full potential. High quality early childhood education puts children on a path to development and success. Adults with higher levels of education are more likely to obtain and retain safe and secure employment, enjoy higher salaries, be economically self-sufficient, and be more resilient to life changes. Literacy is a core component of education and a key determinant of health. It facilitates economic and social relationships, and is foundational for future learning. Education, training, and lifelong learning need to be affordable, accessible and of high quality. As education is a driver of economic success and security, we need to invest in it, to invest in each other, and to create opportunity for all.

Recommendations for Best Practices and Policies


  • Canada Learning Bond – $500 grant for parents to start saving for a child’s education after high school, plus annual grants to a maximum of $2,000.


  • Ontario Student Grant – Increased access to interest-free and low-cost student loans, and free tuition for many Ontario students with annual household incomes of less than $50,000.


  • Living SJ's Promise Partnership – Closes the educational attainment gaps associated with low socio-economic status through maintaining grade appropriate levels of literacy, supporting youth to persist through high school and obtain a diploma, and ensuring students become academically prepared for post-secondary education or to enter the work force.
  • Red Deer Reads Adult Literacy – Program that matches Adult Basic Literacy learners (ABL) and English as a Second Language learners (ESL) learners with volunteer tutors to work with tutors or in small groups to support reading, writing, and numeration up to about a Grade 9 level. 

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