Economic Security: Towards an Inclusive Movement for Healthy, Vibrant Communities

Submitted by Tamarack on September 24, 2015 - 12:10pm
A Guided Tour of Economic Security in the Poverty Reduction Movement

What is Econmic Security, and how does the framework fit within the context of local Canadian poverty reduction initiatives?

What roles exist for partners sitting around the collective impact table for Economic Security?

This framework emerged from an inclusionary lens- encouraging everyone in the community to take ownership and responsibility forr ensuring healthy, vibrant spaces for us all to live and thrive; and  approaches change from a positive place, rather than from a position of deficit. An extremely compatible framework and language for our members focused on inclusive poverty reduction initiatives.

Michael Toye, Executive Director of the Canadian CED Network, and Annette Case, Senior Consultant of the Insights Center for Community Economic Development address the above questions- and more- in this introduction to Economic Security and Poverty Reduction.

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