City of Revelstoke Endorses Cities Reducing Poverty Charter

Submitted by Tamarack on March 27, 2015 - 12:08pm
Municipality votes to endorse the Pan-Canadian charter

The City of Revelstoke has voted to endorse the Cities Reducing Poverty Charter. In speaking with Jill Zacharias, Social Development Coordinator for the Revelstoke Community Social Development Committee, the Revelstoke Times Review reported that this will send a significant message to residents that poverty reduction is a high priority for the city, for the Columbia Basin region, and for Canada.

The following was published in the Revelstoke Times Review, March 17 2015,
by Alex Cooper.

After some hesitation, the City of Revelstoke has agreed to endorse a national poverty reduction agreement.

Council voted last week to sign on to the National Poverty Reduction Charter that was developed by Vibrant Communities Canada (VCC).

VCC is a national organization that works towards reducing poverty across Canada. The poverty reduction charter is a collaboration between various communities to help alleviate poverty across the country.

“We envision all Canadians collectively committing to action that will significantly reduce and ultimately eliminate poverty in our communities,” states the charter’s vision statement. more