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OpportUNITY Central Iowa Reports Reduction in Poverty: A Collective Impact Success Story

Find a case study on Central Iowa's poverty reduction work, with an emphasis on lessons from their Collective Impact approach and best practices in community engagement.

Smart Employers Talk

Ryerson and The Better Way Alliance brought together 100 representatives from diverse sectors in September 2017. Employers spoke to how decent work and good jobs allowed them to surpass their competition and help build a better economy for everyone. Read the report and watch the video highlights here.

Driving Poverty Reduction – Government should hand the keys over to the charitable sector

For Canada's new poverty reduction strategy to be successful and have a sustained impact, it will have to be embraced by Canadians as something they own and feel invested in. Bill recommends building on the experience from scores of communities that have already gone down this road with successful local strategies.

A Business Perspective on Living Wages and Rising to Meet the New Minimum in Ontario

We are so excited to hear the discussion about minimum wage in Ontario that's been going on recently, because we decided to pay a living wage to our professional dog walkers when we launched Walk My Dog Toronto in January 2016. We are glad that all employers will now have to step up and pay decent wages as well.

Three Trust Strategies That Create Committed Volunteers

3 effective strategies for creating trust and engaging volunteers

Roadblocks: Are you willing for change in your community?

David Alston shares new innovative approaches to community change that he’s seen work first hand, greying the line between citizen and civil service.

Creating Community: A Tool for Engagement

The Poverty Roundtable of Hastings Prince Edward has created a tool intended for groups who want to evaluate their organizations potential to implement changes and create opportunities for engagement that inform and create change, contribute to decisions and policy and use lived experience to guide and shape programs and services.

How Communities Can Benefit From Canada’s Increasing Employment Rate

With an increase in the employment rate, experts are more confident in the economy, predicting it will grow by 2.4 percent. But how does this impact local communities?

Cities Reducing Poverty: Bringing All Voices to the Table

Group discussion around table
Poverty is a complex issue. It’s an issue that cannot be approached in isolation or solved by a select few – it effects everyone, is experienced by people in different ways, and involves a significant number of interrelated elements and stakeholders.

Poverty reduction summit to be held in Hamilton

What happens when businesses get involved in tackling poverty? That is the theme of the third annual poverty reduction summit — Cities Reducing Poverty: When Business is Engaged — coming to Hamilton this April.