New Director Appointed at Vibrant Communities Canada

Submitted by Paul Born on November 17, 2015 - 6:15am

With fully connected members in 47 local areas and more partners emerging every year across the country, the Vibrant Communities – Cites Reducing Poverty network continues to grow and make progress on our goal to reduce poverty for 1 million Canadians.

As we enter into a new era of poverty reduction work in Canada, we are thrilled to announce that Mark Holmgren, current CEO of the Bissell Centre, is joining our team as the Director of Vibrant Communities Canada effective January 2016.

Filling this position was almost a year-long endeavor. Mark was chosen not only for his outstanding thought leadership in poverty reduction and collective impact, but also his long history of applying innovative solutions to combat social issues such as poverty, homelessness, and other matters that affect the sustainability and vibrancy our communities. In addition to serving as CEO of the Bissell Centre, a 105 year old organization that offers a wide range of innovative and basic services to thousands of people who are homeless and living in poverty in Edmonton, he has consulted with many non-profit organizations and governments and has held senior positions with the United Way of Alberta Capital Region, and Operation Friendship.

Mark is a long-time friend and partner of the Tamarack Institute. He was invited to join the Tamarack thought leader initiative in 2014 and has contributed extraordinary knowledge to our learning community through various publications, webinars, workshops, and his own wide-reaching blog. He is an avid writer, facilitator, innovator, and talented musician.

We are confident that Mark’s skills and expertise and his inclusive and transparent leadership will contribute to the success of Tamarack and growth of Vibrant Communities Canada and the Cities Reducing Poverty movement. Mark will be involved in leading Vibrant Communities, contribute to teaching and writing at Tamarack, and to share his knowledge with organizations requiring his expertise.

On behalf of the Tamarack Institute and Vibrant Communities we would like to congratulate Mark on this new appointment - we very much look forward to working together.